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ABC Towing provided great and efficient service.

By Rick ( Jun 26, 2012)

Accident Response & Breakdown Recovery

Accident Response & Breakdown Recovery

ABC Towing provide a 24hr and 7 day a week towing service specialising breakdown service and accident recovery for a vehicles ranging from:

  • Cars (4WDs, Utes, Sedans, Station Wagons, etc.)
  • Motorcycles (Road Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Quads, etc.)
  • Boats (Jet Ski's, Yachts, Catarmarans, etc)


With a fleet of over 45 tucks compromising of:

  • Tilt Silde Tow Tucks (4T, 6T and 10T)
  • Drop Deck Semi's
  • Quad Axel Float
  • Flat Top Trailers
  • Side Loaders
  • Drop Deck Widener Trailer
  • Extendable Drop Deck and Semi Tilt Trailer
  • Heavy Vehicle Recovery:
    • Hook Truck
    • Under Lift
    • Crane Tow Truck


We have the equipment and expertise necessary to help you in case of a breakdown or an accident regardless of the vehicle in question. ABC Towing have specialised in accident recovery since 1997 and continue to be the leaders in this field since then.


In case of any breakdown or accident don't hesitate to call our friendly staff for assistance on:

(07) 4775 5561










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